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We arrived in Granada on June 3rd, approximately 11:00 pm. We were exhausted, excited and apprehensive at the same time. It had been a long day and an even longer week. Saying goodbye to our family had been extremely difficult, especially our little Grandson, Miles. I think it has surprised both Edgar and I how much we have fallen in love with this little guy. It’s a defining moment in your life when you become a Grandparent. Instantly your world is turned upside down by this tiny human being who grabs at your heartstrings. He is the son of our youngest son Tim and his beautiful wife Danielle and we can’t get enough of him.

We were picked up at the airport by a wonderful woman named Dora and her son who safely delivered us to the door of what was to be our home for the next week. The next day was full of exploring the town center of Granada. We loved the cobblestone streets, the horse drawn carriages and the friendly Nicaraguan people. We immediately felt welcomed into this city and accepted by the people. The Nica’s don’t have much but they are willing to give you the shirt off their back. Somehow we were able to communicate with them and they were with us. It was a fascinating week full of surprises and some disappointments. Unfortunately, when a country is so poor the desperation of the people can become quite overwhelming. You can never let your guard down, as people will always take advantage of a nice Canadian couple. But all in all, I think we did pretty good in this charming city.



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